Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pershing Progress

Got a bit of work done on this bad boy last night, a remarkably well engineered kit.

Still several details to add, and I have yet to decide whether or not to include a figure in the turret hatch.

Should get a bit more done tonight although I do have some student essays to mark. Still, why do something today that you can put off until tomorrow?


  1. Hi - Nice kit, I think a figure in the hatch is a must!


  2. Bugger! I've not long ago glued it down!

  3. shame on the shut hatches

    figures give the machine scale and size to compare too

    new generation models are wonderful to make! who would have thought that a 1/76 model could have underneath detail???

  4. Agreed, the new models go together quite well and are reasonably forgiving with mistakes, but under detail is superflous.