Friday, May 28, 2010

Old and New, Great War German Infantry

More or less finished these guys, just a bit of touching up to go. Between an old Airfix set and a new HaT one I managed to make a full regiment of three battalions. Here are a couple of companies. The Airfix figures had a lot of flash on them but still look okay; I also included a few Emhar figures for just a little more variety. The HaT figures are very good, although still in that wretched soft plastic, however.

I have been slowly building up data to do some 1914-15 games later in the year, either Neuve Chapelle or Loos, possibly both, and hope that if I put it off long enough, HaT will release their WW1 BEF, which I am greatly antiscipating. If they don't release them in time I'll probably have to get some more of the Airfix BEF set, which is less than desirable, as I already have a regiment of these. In the meantime I've started working with Paul on doing some early war WW2 stuff, starting with Calais.


  1. I like the way you two (Al/Paul) just get on and do things :)

    I've been looking at my WWI AFV collection (just under coated at the moment) with a wistful eye!

  2. Excellent Geordie, if you're ever out this way...

  3. Nice stuf Al.

    Love those old Airfix Gerries. The Hat ones seem to mix well enough with those Airfix figures too.

    I'm not convinced by the plastic they're using with their new made-in-china figures either. I undercoated a squad those Hat German figures with enamel paint about a month ago and the undercoat never ever dried so I couldn't paint the figs. I couldn't even get the undercoat off properly as it seemed to have been absorbed into the plastic turning them into sticky fluff attracting blobs.

    In the end I had to bin them and painted a new squad with acrylics straight onto the plastic - which took quite well surprisingly enough.

  4. Zie Jerri's lookin wunderbar!! Airfix WW1 Germans always a favourite set. Good work.

  5. Yeah have to agree boys, those old Germans still look the part.

    Have to also agree with your comments about the plastic John, although I've never used enamel paints, have still experienced some problems with 'stickability'!