Sunday, August 22, 2010


Made a few bits and pieces for jungle warfare over the weekend. They are mostly bits from old fish tank supplies, which is strange as I have never owned a fish tank. Anyway, they still need a little more paint-work to take of the gloss of the plastic, but getting there.

Plan to make some more huts as well for the jungle collection, but always need lots of trees first; spent some time working is this sort of environment, very taxing on the body it is too, must have been worse in the days before Gortex, etc.


  1. Nice jungle watching eager to see some more and especially the huts!

  2. Whats this rumble in the jungle all about then! Nice pieces mate.

  3. Thanks boys, yeah different eh? Just thought it would be good to have more options trees-wise when it came to games for the far east.