Saturday, August 14, 2010

Radio platoon

I seem to have a lot of support units for my German collection but very few for anyone else. So recently I started putting together a few of these, the first being a radio platoon for the British.

In CD, radio or telephone platoons allow an extra order to be issued as long as they remain stationary. They are usually found way down the back of the board on a hill top. I use them mostly for directing air support or off table artillery.


  1. That's nice, it's functional and really adds to the wargame experience!

    On the long terms, I'm thinking to also add some support units, suchs as kitchens, repairshops, supply trucks, hospitals, medic staff, etc.

    But it isn't for the near future!

    keep up the good work in 1/72 scale.


  2. Cheers. I intend to do a few of this sort of thing, a field kitchen might be difficult though.

  3. Nice little stand mate. Field kitchens...what fighting value do these have?

  4. None mate, just there to look good, welcome home.

  5. I love the desk! Field kitchens? Perhaps extra movement allowance for armies marching on their stomachs?