Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Russians

57 figures including officers and LMGs; nothing heavy.

The plastic is of an extremely good quality, neither too hard or too soft, and glues very well indeed.

The sculpting is first rate, all of the figures are well animated with realistic poses; several have facial details equal to if not better than the one above.

Several figures require assembly, although there is only one or possibly two variations you can achieve. These figures are equal to the best currently available from anything that I have seen. They may not mix that well with others but time will tell. I would recommend this set to any collector without reservation.


  1. Good day Al!

    Nice figs indeed!

    Can't they be used alongside with Pegasus Russians for instance?


  2. Looking good. I suppose we will be Eastern front for the rest of the year now...

  3. Sweet looking figures! Looking forward to see their heavy support pack. (any idea of the retailprice?)

    Thanks they would look great (4 battalions of 33 figures + support :)) If the price is affordable for a student.

    Tnaks for showing these figures are still not reviewed at plastic soldiers review!

  4. Forgot about those T, yes I think they may fit well with that set by Pegasus. Paul, Ost Front games have been duly added to the itinerary. Belgian, yeah cheers, will leave the review to the experts, 14 Euros including postage.

    Will try for some better pictures soon.

  5. Agreed boys, one of the best sets I've seen in a long time.

  6. Thanks for the review... Now, all we have to do is wait for them to show up in Greece.


  7. Yes, Ta much mate for the pics