Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AA Gun and Tractor

Took my time with this one, just the standing crew figures left to base.

This picture shows the massive gap in the bonnet. This kit had a few flaws but this bit was the worst; I have plans to fix it up over the weekend.

I managed to glue this just right, the gun elevates and traverses.

The rear of the tractor shows another couple of problem areas that I need to fix. The plastic was missing from the bottom of the ammunition lockers, which I suspect maybe in part due to the age of this kit.

Here are the three trucks that I have, the one to the fore I got from an auction site and was already converted this way, I'd like to get some mud guards for it eventually, but for now it will do.


  1. Nice work Al! Good for AA and at a last resort Panzers too :)

    I'll have to look into my blog access, I found that it was slow loading from "the mobile".

    I bet it is because I am silly and following too many blogs :(

    From a mobile (akin to the NZ connection speed)I could not post comments to it either

  2. Thanks Geordie, always interested in your work; in NZL broadband is akin to everywhere elses dial-up!

    Paul: good to hear from you, see you in a few weeks. We'll play Operation Archery, you get to be the Germans:)

  3. Hello Al,

    Any better since I reduced the blog list to 5 and stripped away the pics and text?

    Failing that I'll cull the blog list :(

  4. Don't do too much mate, whatever you tried seems to have worked. To celebrate you should spend the next three weeks painting figures of Royal Marines:)

  5. Op Archery, you are so kind...LOL