Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ME 262 finished

In the end the whole radar antenna was missing plus a couple of bits from the under carriage.

Started with a disruptive pattern, however I laid the black ink wash on a bit thick and had to change plan.

The insignia is in no way accurate, but I like it; have dulled-down the decals a bit since taking these pictures.

Only the second German fighter in my whole aircraft collection, so far, unhappily no crew figures for this one though.


  1. Nice aircraft, really doubles your german airstrenght :D

    Keep up the good work greets!

  2. looks good Al- i never worry about correct numbers and markings either- far to "rivet counting" for me!!

  3. Thanks lads. Couldn't agree with more David, never been one for 100% accuracy except when in the line; happily those days are over:)