Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Legionnaires from a Legionary. Well, a sergeant now actually, and celebrating fifteen years of service this November. These arrived yesterday from France, appropriately enough, but I didn't have time or good light to take some pictures, so without further adieu...

Not the greatest figures ever produced but not too bad either, in places. As you can see, the first couple are LMGs.



NCO and rifleman.


I haven't done a desert since Somalia and am not about to start now, so these will probably end up being converted - don't think Dave will mind since he converted from a Marine into a paratrooper himself! There are a few other poses but these were the best of them, a set for the collectors among you I think.


  1. Never heard of them.

    They seem interesting though!

    Will you send us some photos of the painted figs?



  2. Neither had I, these have apparently been done with the Western Desert in mind. Will some in the queue for painting.

  3. Would love to see how you handle these. Unfortunately, the more I prepare mine, the less enthusiastic I am about painting them.

  4. Saw pictures of them on PSR, but I thought they looked too 2-dimensional.

    Saw them here Al with some photos from a different angle and they're not half bad at all, must get some in fact. More stuff I'll have to buy to add to my backlog.